Dialogue 1. Asking for Directions

A:Excuse me.

B: Yes? Can I help you?

A: I'm looking for the men's shoe department.

B: It's on the third floor. The escalator is over there.

A: Thank you.

C: Good morning. Can I help you?

D: Yes. I have an appointment with Mrs.Bedoya, the sales manager.

C: What time is your appointment?

D: Eleven-thirty.

C: Right. You're Ms.O'Hare, aren't you?

D: Yes, that's right.

C: Take the elevator to the third floor. Go down the hall to the left. Mrs.Bedoya's office is the third Dialogue 1. Asking for Directions door on the right. You can't miss it. D: Thank you. C: Don't bother to knock. Just go right in. She's expecting you.

E: Excuse me.

F: Yes?

E: I'm lost. Is this the way to Wakulla?

F: No, you're on the wrong road. This is US 19 going south to Tampa.

E: Oh, no. Well, can you tell me the way to Wakulla?

F: Go back about 20 miles and turn left on 319, then go about 4 miles and left again on 363.

E: 319 then 363?

F: That's right. 363 is the road to Wakulla. You'll see signs along Dialogue 1. Asking for Directions the way.

G: Does this bus go to Fiftieth Street?

H: Yes, it does. Step in, please.

G: What's the fare?

H: Seventy-five cents.

G: O.K. Here's a dollar.

H: Can't you read? "Exact change only".

G: Oh, O.K. I have three quarters here. Can you tell me when we get to Fiftieth Street?

H: O.K. G: Thanks a lot.

appointment— встреча; elevator(Am.) — лифт; " Exact change only"— "без сдачи "

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